Microsoft Flight Simulator: The Roadmap for Updates through March 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator continues its path of evolution and enrichment even at the beginning of 2022, as evidenced by the roadmap published by the developers about the planned updates until March 2022, which include additions to content terms and various fixes and improvements.

As for January, the World Update 7 should arrive at the end of the month with the launch of the Fokker FVII aircraft within the “Local Legend II”. World Update 7, as previously announced, will be entirely dedicated to Australia, a particularly large territory that therefore requires very demanding work in the construction of specific elements, with improvements in the rendering of cities, particular landmarks and natural settings.

THE Sim Update 8 should arrive between February 21 and 25, which is a set of improvements and corrections aimed mainly at the game system, or the technical aspects of the simulation and graphics of Microsoft Flight Simulator, waiting to learn more.

Finally, in March, the arrival of the World Update 8, from which we await accurate information: this too will be based on the improvement of various aspects concentrated in a specific geographic area, waiting to find out what it is. We hope it’s time for the Brazil

In the meantime, we are still waiting to know the release date of the free DLC dedicated to Top Gun: Maverick, which must present a true story linked to the new movie. The latter should hit theaters in May, so it is likely that around the same time the expansion of Microsoft Flight Simulator will also arrive, which had been postponed precisely to come out along with the film.