Microsoft Flight Simulator ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ DLC is delayed due to movie release

Among the most anticipated news from Microsoft Flight Simulator certainly is the DLC dedicated to Top Gun: Maverick, the new film with Tom Cruise, but as the latter suffered a further delay in theaters, the expansion will also arrive later than expected.

The movie Top Gun: Maverick, after several postponements, is now scheduled for May 27, 2022 and, apparently, the DLC will also arrive in this period, therefore with a considerable delay in relation to what was previously announced.

A few days ago, during Gamescom 2021, Asobo and Microsoft had reiterated that Top Gun: Maverick DLC was scheduled to arrive in November 18, 2021, on the same date set for the movie’s release in theaters, but with the net postponement of the latter, the expansion to Microsoft Flight Simulator will also suffer the same fate.

With a brief announcement posted on the official flight simulation website, the developers have warned that Top Gun: Maverick for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Windows 10, Steam, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass will be released along with the movie, “We’ll share more information in the future”.

A little above, it is stated that the movie’s release date is May 27, 2022, so we can expect the DLC on that date, with a delay of 6 months compared to the previously announced release, so we will have to wait some time. In the meantime, if nothing else, we hope that the extra time given to Asobo and Microsoft will allow us to further refine the content of the expansion, which it will still be free.

A few days ago it was revealed that the World Update 6 has also been delayed, but in this case only for a short period of time, with release scheduled for next week, in September 7, 2021.