Microsoft is starting the release of the new operating system

Microsoft has started to publish the final version of Windows 11 via the update function (free of charge). The launch of the new operating system will take place in several waves, which is why not all compatible PCs will be converted via Windows Update. However, there are also options to start the W11 installation earlier – which can be found, for example, at Computerbase, Golem or Heise.

In contrast to Windows 10, the system requirements for Windows 11 have increased significantly, including due to UEFI Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Version 2.0 (system requirements). You can find lists of supported processors at Microsoft: AMD, Intel and Qualcomm. The normal Windows update function also shows whether the PC is already “ready for the update” or at least compatible. Alternatively, an app for the PC integrity check can be downloaded.

Computer base: “In view of the problems that Windows 10 major version updates and the switch from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 can cause, users should think twice about whether their own system needs to be updated as quickly as possible. Via Windows Update Microsoft will distribute Windows 11 again in waves over the coming months for a reason. First, it is the turn of complete systems that have already been tested internally, above all well-known notebooks. Despite internal tests and the public Windows Insider Program, Windows 11 should also be used on millions of PCs cause hitherto unknown problems that are not always unique. “

Microsoft has feature-specific gaming-related requirements for Windows 11: “Certain features in Windows 11 have additional requirements beyond those listed in the ‘Minimum Requirements’ section above. Additional details on key feature requirements are provided below:

  • Auto HDR requires an HDR monitor.
  • DirectStorage requires an NVMe SSD of 1 TB or more to store and run games with the ‘Standard NVM Express Controller’ driver and a DirectX 12 Ultimate GPU.
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate is only supported by selected games and graphics chipsets. “