Microsoft Launches Xbox Game Pass 2021 Retrospective; a milestone year!

Don’t tell other years that, but 2021 was a great year for Xbox Game Pass gaming, and Microsoft can prove it in a new video that celebrates just that, a retrospective of some of the great successes that have touched many gamers’ hearts.

How was the year for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers? Check out the Microsoft summary now! Xbox Game Pass subscribers have had a lot to celebrate this year, and with an official video review, Microsoft would like to show you again what the subscription service has to offer in just the past few months.

Microsoft announces: “Find your next favorite game with the Xbox Game Pass. From the first box office hits to the independent gems that are constantly being added, there is always something new to explore. Take a look at some of the games the community discovered in 2021.”

The video can be seen here:

Games like Hades, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Age of Empires IV, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Psychonauts 2, Back 4 Blood, It Takes Two, GTA San Andreas (out of the trailer), Forgotten City, Psychonauts 2, The Ascent, Scarlet Nexus, Sable, Among Us, Outriders, many Bethesda games and more!