Microsoft takes the reins of Gaming and E3 2021 with a conference that hit the nail on the head

There were no devices, no hardware to present, no numbers, no things to brag about, just games, games, and more games. A real battery of great games that showed us that Xbox is probably one of the most benefited from this totally digital E3 2021. The pace, the games chosen, the way of presenting them, the undeniable exclusivity labels… the Xbox conference was seamless, an hour and a half virtually perfect.

And the thing is – totally ignoring the haters -, we also saw some of your criticisms, which were more wishes than you stick in themselves. Because, if they could have shown a more extensive gameplay of the Halo Infinite campaign, but what finger do you cut that doesn’t hurt? What game would you take away? Because you are asking for that, but I have also read people who wanted to see more indies! , which makes the conclusion I have reached more than evident. You can not fault it beyond what you wanted to see YOU.

Excess CGI? Really?

I don’t know what you mean by excesses of CGI (computer generated Images), but the truth is that again, transmitting that feeling is wrong. Last year there were a lot of games announced that way, but they are so far from their launch that there was no other. Or do you prefer a single title with the name like God of War Ragnarok, Metroid 4 or Bayonetta 3? I didn’t see so many people complaining about it then, really. Yesterday we saw for the first time four new titles with an interesting CGI and all of them, exclusive to Xbox Game Studios: Contraband, The Outer Worlds 2, Redfall and Starfield. Although I suspect that the latter were images between in-engine and the game itself, something that will surely be confirmed soon.

Also, again, the trailer cast was well measured, even for multiplatform. Can anyone say now that Battlefield 2042 doesn’t look spectacular and that his jaw dropped last night? There were 30 games that appeared yesterday and it can be blamed that some were not highly anticipated such as Hellblade 2, Fable or Perfect Dark, but, we already know that they exist, what do you want another CGI that you were not asking for at the beginning? Because if they are not prepared to teach themselves then what happens happens, what a disappointment to singing.

Therefore, summarizing. Rather, let’s recap:

  • Good rhythm. An hour and a half of games with no excess verbiage.
  • Halo Infinite already looks spectacular and has reversed last year’s bad vibe in just a few minutes.
  • 30 games of which 27 come out on Xbox Game Pass. Brutal.
  • WORLD PREMIERE that we didn’t even know existed: Redfall, Contraband and the second part of A Plague Tale, called Requiem.
  • The indies that appeared practically all looked spectacular. Stalker 2, under the seal [email protected]It even already has a date.
  • They opened with a monster like Starfield, which although it left us wanting more, made it clear to us the important thing: IT IS EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX and PC.
  • There were no over-the-top multiplatform or “for others” ads. Back 4 Blood on Game Pass on launch day almost sounds like an exclusive.
  • Phil Spencer appeared, who always looks good. So OK.
  • Did anyone notice that they were two different? Bethesda and Xbox sing in unison.
  • And the “One More Thing” that no one expected: Redfall, Arkane’s rumored Project Omen that will arrive in 2022 and has an absolutely incredible aesthetic. And it closes with another EXCLUSIVE OF XBOX and PC. In case it was not clear that they have bought Bethesda for something.

As everyone has said, I also have my own “I would like to have seen this” and it is that even thinking that the conference has been perfect or at least the best it could have been, if I would have liked to see something for example more “next-gen” in motion. It is true that Microsoft Flight Simulator is only for Xbox Series and it looked perfectly, but I mean something more powerful, something like Hellblade 2.

But hey, in conclusion, the thing is about playing. With Xbox we are going to play a lot. And with Xbox Game Pass we are going to play so much that the next thing we ask of Microsoft is to have more time to enjoy everything. But if there is something that as an Xbox gamer today leaves you more calm about everything, it is that only with your subscription you can try everything that comes from Xbox Game Studios. Be it Flight Simulator, be it Grounded, the Halo Infinite multi or next year something that can have us busy months and months like Starfield… and they only pose two problems: Maintaining your subscription and having to choose between so many options. Insuperable.

And I still have the doubt… what if the real one more thing was the Xbox mini-fridge? Tremendous LOL.