Minecraft made $1.1 billion in 2020 alone, it’s the most successful game

Minecraft continues to grind impressive numbers that certify it as the most successful game in history of this medium, as confirmed by the results that emerged last year that speak of 1.1 billion dollars generated in 2020.

The information comes from Austin Joseph’s LinkedIn profile, unearthed by the usual Timur222, a true information hunter of this type always very active on Twitter. It’s true that this is not an official communication aimed at the public, but considering the source it comes from, it can probably be taken for granted, considering also that Joseph no longer works at Minecraft Marketplace, but is still a high-level employee at Microsoft as a manager. marketing by Xbox.com.

In short, the phrase certainly sounds a little promotional, but there are valid reasons to believe it’s true: “Minecraft is the most successful game of all time. the franchise sold over 200 million of copies and generated more of 1.1 billion dollars. In 2020″ .

We can be sure about the number of copies, considering that in April there were 140 million active users per month, which also strongly favors the other statement of revenue generated. This includes not only selling copies, probably, but also content purchase in the official Minecraft store.

All of this puts Microsoft’s onerous purchase of Minecraft, paying $2.5 billion with the entire Mojang attached, into a slightly different perspective. At the time, there were several doubts about the economic effectiveness of such a move, but it is now clear that it was a considerable business for the Redmond household.