Mom buys a fridge thinking it’s the Xbox Series X and goes viral on Tiktok

In the United States, a mom thought he had finally bought one Xbox Series X during the Black Friday period, but instead became famous for buying a fridge, becoming the first victim of Microsoft’s strange marketing immortalized through social media on officially TikTok, also generating some controversy.

The idea of ​​creating a mini-fridge in the Xbox Series X format was greeted with enthusiasm by the gamer audience, who immediately understood the “buzz” reference to memes at the time of the console’s announcement, but it can be confusing … who doesn’t follow the video game market with some diligence.

An example of this comes from TikTok, where this poor mother-in-law found herself with a burning fridge instead of her children’s much sought-after console that seemed to have miraculously escaped Black Friday’s stock-outs. Remember, it’s very difficult to find an Xbox Series X anywhere in the world.

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To tell the truth, even with the mitigating circumstances of the case, such an error is not easily excusable, bearing in mind that in the packaging is clearly written that it is a mini fridge created as a replica of the Xbox Series X, but there is no doubt it can be confusing.

There even started a debate as to whether this would be “misleading advertising” as the Yahoo News USA article shows, many wonder why such an object exists, complete with an official logo. While others do not believe that this is harmful to the consumer.