More than 100,000 sales of the alchemy simulator in three days

Potion Craft has had a successful early access sales launch on Steam. The developers niceplay games and publisher tinyBuild confirmed that the alchemy simulator was sold more than 100,000 times in three days (92 percent of 1,227 user reviews are positive). “The game was also number 1 on the Steam Global Top Seller Charts for three days in a row,” the publisher wrote in the press release.

In the game description it says: “Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator in which you interact with your tools and ingredients to brew potions. You have full control over your shop: invent new recipes, attract customers, experiment as you wish. Just don’t forget one thing : The whole city is counting on you. “

The following features are mentioned:

  • Manage a medieval potion shop. Get to know your fellow citizens, identify their needs from the stories they tell you, and sell them the right potions to keep your business going. Buy and sell ingredients, grow your own in the enchanted garden, and do whatever it takes to stay in business.
  • Unique graphics inspired by medieval manuscripts and medical texts. Immerse yourself in an authentic medieval atmosphere created by carefully crafted characters, interiors and a relaxing soundtrack.
  • Extremely satisfying physical interactions with ingredients and equipment. Collect herbs, mushrooms and crystals from the enchanted garden. Grind them carefully with your Mrser and Stel to release their effect and to put them in your cauldron.
  • Sandbox style alchemy card system. Mix in a nice healing potion with mana restoration or add a frost effect to your normal poison to spice it up a bit. Fire, frost, healing, poison, explosion, magical sight, invisibility … the potential of your potions is limitless!

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