N64 classic Banjo-Kazooie is out this week for subscribers

With the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack, selected Nintendo 64 classics have also been playable with the subscription for some time now. Now the next game has been presented, which will be available soon. These are Banjo-Kazooie (from 14,39 at buy) from 1998. The popular platformer can be played with Nintendo Switch Online and the expansion pack from January 21, 2022.

Although the developers of Rare at that time have been part of Microsoft and today’s Xbox Game Studios since 2002, studio boss Craig Duncan was happy via Twitter about the cooperation with Nintendo and the upcoming release of the N64 classic. Incidentally, Banjo-Kazooie have also been part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster for a while now. Since the launch of the expansion pack with numerous titles, the offer has only been expanded to include Paper Mario 64 in December. As of now, Nintendo seems to only be adding one N64 game per month.