N64 classic is no longer indexed

GoldenEye 007 (ab 21,52€ at buy) (Nintendo 64) is no longer indexed. The shooter classic was indexed in April 1998 as the first game that was not even officially distributed in Germany.

Excerpts from the indexing decision No. 5280 (V) of March 18, 1998 (according to Maniac): “The main content of the computer game is to destroy human opponents in different ways, whereby the killing processes are staged in great detail. (…) GoldenEye 007 is an extremely brutal game, the main content of which is the killing of people shown in great detail. ””

The deletion of the list took place in accordance with §18 Abs. 7 S. 1 in conjunction with §21 Abs. 5 Nr. 2 JuschG (dejure.org): “Media are to be removed from the list if the requirements for inclusion no longer exist.”

It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will publish the N64 game via “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Package”. The English versions of Blood Rayne and Blood Rayne 2 have also been deleted from the list of media harmful to minors.