Negan and Maggie as new “Epic Crossover”

Ubisoft announced in cooperation with AMC that Negan and Maggie from The Walking Dead in Brawlhalla are available as a new Epic Crossover.

Two new Epic Crossovers join the fight:

  • “Negan – Epic Crossover for Jaeyun: With his trusty Lucille and a crowbar, Negan prepares to defeat cruel walkers, smashing the ground when knocking out opponents.
  • Maggie – Epic Crossover for Jhala: Maggie is armed with her machete, a couple of Molotov cocktails and vengeance. She even defeats particularly greedy walkers with a large road sign that she swings around on her way to victory. “

Still fighting for survival are the The Walking Dead characters who started it all:

  • “Michonne – Epic Crossover for Koji: With her sword and bow, the experienced swordsman is ready to fight and she will do whatever it takes to win.
  • Rick Grimes – Epic Crossover for Barraza: Armed with his hatchet and revolvers, Rick Grimes is ready to show everyone what needs to be done to survive.
  • Daryl Dixon – Epic Crossover for Ember: He brought his motorcycle, crossbow, knife and a few other weapons to help him emerge victorious. “

The Epic Crossovers are available from the in-game store for 300 Mammoth coins each.

Ubisoft: “Brawlhalla was developed by Blue Mammoth and is a free-to-play platform fighting game with over 70 million players. It leads the players into a battle for fame and glory in the halls of Walhalla. You can choose from over 50 Choose unique characters and compete online and locally in individual or co-op mode against others. Brawlhalla supports cross-platform play between Xbox One X, Xbox Series X | S, Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, PC, iOS and Android devices. The players : inside can play all online matchmaking activities together and customize them. “