NetEase übernimmt Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes)

Shortly after the 23rd birthday of Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes), Goichi Suda’s studio was taken over by the Chinese NetEase. As reports, the transfer agreement with the previous owner GungHo Online Entertainment was concluded on May 31st.

Both companies are on the same wavelength when it comes to “developing more unique console games together”, according to CEO and managing director Goichi Suda alias “Suda51”. Right at the beginning of his declaration, however, he also speaks of a “unique opportunity” for a rethinking of the company’s organizational structure – and for the way in which games are developed.

NetEase should primarily take care of the advice on business plans to provide appropriate resources. Grasshopper Manufacture is responsible for the creative and productive side to ensure that the defining “Grasshopper Manufacture Flavor” for which the company is known is retained.

NetEase ‘task is not limited to financial aspects: In the areas of artistic content creation by the “artists”, technical areas and quality assurance, the Chinese mother should also help the “grasshoppers”. With these new possibilities, the aim is to deliver three “even higher quality” games in the next ten years, for which job advertisements have already been prepared.

NetEase “hopes” in its statement to grant the studio the creative freedom and sufficient resources to be able to produce “even more sensational” games for the global market.

Incidentally, No More Heroes 3 by Grasshopper Manufacture was released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in August (eShop price: 59.99 euros).