Netflix Responds to Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision, Promises “Essential” Games

It is interesting to note Netflix’s official response to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, in the words of COO Greg Peters, who appreciated the move as confirmation that subscription service model is very, promising even greater commitment to video games even with the arrival of high-caliber games.

“It is exciting to see such activity in this sector“, Peters said during a financial meeting, answering a question about Microsoft’s famous acquisition of Activision Blizzard, yet to be defined but already announced. “I also think that, in some ways, it is a confirmation of the basic thesis that we have in common about subscription services, which is that they are a great model for connecting users across the world and providing games and gaming experiences.”. Therefore, such an expansion would demonstrate the validity of the idea of ​​the subscription service also with regard to video games according to Netflix, obviously referring to the Xbox Game Pass.

Meanwhile, Netflix has also released some first games as a test, offering some titles within the standard subscription, even if at the moment they are mainly mobile and small games. However, Peters reiterated his commitment to this area with the desire to soon launch new games of various types, also dedicated to to the most passionate gamers.

According to the COO, Netflix will launch new “casual and hardcore” games from 2022, expanding the catalog of titles available in the subscription. However, the idea is to experiment, also offering interactive experiences of various types that can be placed in a kind of meeting point between television series and video games.

Netflix could, therefore, position itself as a great new actor in the video game scene, considering the huge user base it can count on: also for this reason, it has started a campaign to buy developers to be included in its cast, including Night School. Studio, authors of Oxenfree, Afterparty and the upcoming Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals.