New additions totaling more than $ 6,000 in 2021

RyanDerPinguin wrote:?Yesterday 2:31 pm

The gamepass is like a video store flat rate, only without driving back and forth.

Not quite. The offer in the video library is larger and more up-to-date. Despite the subscription, I was allowed to pay in full for all AAA new publications last year because they did not appear in the GP. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in exclusive things like Halo, but that’s my thing, I now know that too. A bit older majors then in the GP you have already got through as a gamer, because it is just as of no use. I took advantage of the mentioned demo function by playing games that I would not have bought just to realize that I really don’t like them.
However, I actually discovered and liked a few that I would not have bought. For example, A plagues Tale, Ethan Carter, a little brainless shooting in Outlast or the ingenious the Ascent, as Iso zero my division, stuck with it because of the atmosphere, by the way: CDPR looks very, very old what the few developers got there and the big one Studio still does not manage to this day.
In the meantime there is nothing exciting in the GP but I use it in the doldrums to repeat some old stuff, these titles are all available for a few cents on the crawling table, the download is just more convenient, financially it hardly makes a difference.
The statement in the article is marketing nonsense, no one has saved 6000 euros, even the toughest screen addict cannot gamble all the trash that is included in the subscription.
The bottom line is that the GP hardly saved any money, but it gave me a couple of great games that I didn’t have on the list and that made me feel more comfortable in the doldrums. I bought the flat for 2 years through Brazil, so it was relatively painless, just slowly wondering why I need it. Maybe something else will come, for example stalkers. So far, the GP has been very nice and quickly exhausted for players like me plus a lot of hot air in a nice package. For exciting new publications I have to …