New cheaper Xbox Series X|S storage cards leak in retail promotion

The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles are technologically modern, but there’s still something we hope will improve: storage card prices. If you want to expand your gaming memory with the new NVME SSDs that give us the fastest Xbox console loading speed in history, reducing games like GTAV from almost two minutes of initial loading to mere seconds. You will have to shell out a large amount of money.

Before proceeding, let’s remind you that you can save internal memory on new consoles. three ways: using Xbox Cloud Gaming, a conventional external HD (but doesn’t play new gen games, just store them) or buy a modern SSD that is really expensive.

The only Xbox Series X and S SSD available at the moment is the official expansion card for 1 TB from Seagate. Unfortunately, being CFExpress, it is quite expensive, reaching $220 on average. In Brazil it is a little more expensive than R$ 2,000! Basically the value of an Xbox Series S! However, there may be cheaper options down the road.

A little while ago, a French store listed an Xbox storage expansion card from 512 GB to Seagate, designed for the next generation consoles. No doubt this would be much cheaper than the 1TB option currently available, maybe even about half the price since it has half the storage.

Now, Windows Central has discovered that a store in the United States already has this product in stock, as you can see in the photo below:

Seagate is likely to start marketing the new 512GB Xbox Storage Expansion Card next week, as according to Windows Central the promotional material is already in the hands of US retailers. In addition to the 512GB expansion card, Seagate is also gearing up to offer an SSD deep storage solution USB based, which will allow you to store games separately from the internal storage pool.

O Windows Club will be attentive and let you know when all this is available for purchase and use. So stay tuned!