New info on classes and mechanics

Anyone who feared that after the story trailer for Tiny Tina’s Winderlands that was shown last week at the Game Awards, the new looter shooter from Gearbox would be quiet, can breathe a sigh of relief. Publisher 2K Games has not only published additional video material, but also a lot of information about classes, locations, etc.

After the previously presented Killomant * in and Brr-Serker * in, magic shots and claw-bringers are now the focus of the trailer.

  • Magic shots are magicians who carry firearms, distribute spells and bullets in continuous fire and can turn their opponents into harmless cattle with the snap of their fingers. In contrast to those who regard guns merely as weapons, magic shots have turned them into extensions of their magical will through hard training.
  • Clawbringers are loyal warriors who armed with a spectral hammer and a fire-breathing wyvern companion at their side bring thunder and flames over their enemies. You belong to an order of war that wants to fill the Wonderlands with heroism through fire and thunder. Her dragon aura strengthens the entire group with additional damage and more.

But there is also tons of information about new opponents, environments and much more that we would like to quote at this point:


  • The sobbing mold harbors many dangers. Many have already perished in the fumes, and more have stumbled upon the billions of mushrooms and tree roots that are everywhere. The best advice an adventurer can give is to stay away from it before your face turns as purple as mushrooms! The second best piece of advice is to keep your eyes open – and keep your nose, mouth and all other conceivable body orifices closed.
  • The Pyramid of Terror is filled with so much despair and desolation that even the air tastes sad. Awakened skeletons, staggering undead, and the emotionally dead lurk in every corridor. The few heroes who will venture into this place should be aware of what lies ahead. It would be a big mistake not to prepare for it.
  • Kropfberg is home to a bustling Kobotropole, where rowdy, nasty little Kobolds and giant, tyrannical trolls toil in the name of their subterranean deity. But not everyone is happy with the drudgery. A little booger of the revolution is slowly forming in the nostrils of the working class. Time to get the most out of it. And the booger;


  • Mushrooms may look cute, but they just want to rip your limbs off. They can flip up their armored caps and reveal a gigantic mouth full of glittering teeth with the player’s name on it. The forest’s immune system will attack you from all directions: it will send germinators who will bombard you with spores from a distance, or mighty walking colonies that will stamp you flat and flood the battlefield with mushrooms.
  • Leprechauns are like grease-smeared thumb dabs from a sugar-fogged creator who has just eaten two gas station burritos for afternoon tea. These little and tricky Brussels sprouts curmudgeons create chaos wherever they can. Each and every one of them may be weak, but in large packs they are dangerous. As old tinkerers, goblins are well versed with all kinds of ranged weapons and gadgets.
  • Trolls only like one thing, and especially that: someone to beat up. That is why they also support the Dragon Lord’s skeleton hordes in their war efforts and their contentious cousins, the goblins. The players should beware of their heavy clubs and thrown boulders. And leave their protection above, because a few of them have somehow learned the magic and cement the difference between wisdom and intelligence.


  • Co-op mode: When it comes to quests, the more people take part, the better! In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (from 53,99€ at pre-order), a group of four Doombringers can team up to save the kingdom. Of course, Tina wants to make sure that the players, regardless of the group size, have an appropriate challenge ahead of them. The more you play, the tougher the opponents are. When creating a new Doombringer, players also have the choice between two options that determine how the loot drops and the opponents are scaled in multiplayer.
  • Firearms: There are millions of different firearms up for grabs in Wonderlands. Each one is put together from a huge range of parts and components and has individual properties. But they all fall into six basic categories that match the six different types of ammunition that can be found in the area.
  • Types of Damage: There are five types of elemental damage in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Fire, Frost, Lightning, Poison, and Dark Magic. When attacking an opponent, players should pay attention to the color of their health bar. It shows which elemental damage works best against him.
  • Protection: If you want to survive in Wonderlands, it is advisable to seek protection as soon as possible. When players equip a protection, it envelops their Doombringer in a vortex of shielding magic so that the soft, carnal parts can easily withstand ax blows and razor-sharp arrows.
  • Rings / Amulets: Rings usually give the equipment a simple boost, such as an increased duration of the action skill, increased magazine size or damage with a certain type of firearm, more damage to companions and so on. Amulets tend to grant special effects, such as the chance to reload the equipped weapon immediately after a melee hit. You can also increase things like class power and damage, be it all damage or just in certain areas like firearms or status effects damage.
  • Rarity: The longer the adventure, the more familiar a universal truth becomes: not all loot is the same. The weapons, spells and equippable equipment players find in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands vary in rarity. You can recognize them by the color in which an object glows when it is dropped.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will be released on March 25, 2022 for PC (exclusively in the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Last current video: Welcome to Wonderlands Clawbringer and Magic Shot