New map, Ash as a legend and more

EA and Respawn Entertainment have released the new content from Apex Legends (from 12,98€ at buy): Escape presented. The new season begins on November 2nd and includes the new “Sturmpunkt” map, the legend Ash, a new weapon and another Battle Pass with limited skins and rewards.

The most important new features in Apex Legends: Escape are:

  • “New map – Storm Point: It looks picturesque, but the pristine beaches and crystal clear water are just the eye of a storm. There are plenty of wild prowlers as well as a new kind of hostile swarm of poison spiders and the approaching storm heats the tension in the city Breath even further. Legends have arrived and will find new ways to explore the various POIs on the map, including archipelagos, camps in the jungle, and a base in a giant mountain, the highest accessible location on an Apex map so far Legends gave.
  • New Legend – Ash: A simulacrum of the woman who once became Dr. Ashleigh Reed was. Ash recognizes death everywhere, seizes opponents with electric traps that immobilize them and creates cracks in the room, which claims further victims.
  • New weapon – CAR-MP: A flexible weapon that can fire light and heavy ammunition. The submachine gun “Combat Advanced Round” is fully automatic and has a decent recoil – some legends are sure to remember the past of this weapon. “

From November 2nd, Apex Legends: Escape will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam – including a ranking season. Last current video: EscapeGameplayTrailer

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