New to Xbox? Take a look at these tips to get started using the console

Recently and nothing we learned that Xbox Series S has been doing very well at the sales level during Black Friday. It makes sense, very cheap and with access to the entire next gen and past Xbox catalog. Choosing it together with the combo with Xbox Game Pass is a winning combination For a large number of users, this machine attacks a very specific profile and we are seeing its good reception.

For this reason, if you are one of those players who are joining Xbox for the first time these weeks, I have prepared this text, very brief but useful for you to get performance. We have a tutorial section where we go more in depth, so I am not going to extend myself too much so that the article does not weigh you down.

What can I do with my new Xbox?

In these lines we are going to detail some of the native benefits of Microsoft consoles. It will be divided by section and based on the most frequently asked questions. Will you accompany me?

Backward compatibility

Let’s get to the basics, both Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S are backward compatible with games from past generations. In the case of Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One games are also included within backward compatibility.

In most cases, these games work better on the aforementioned machines, but in the case of Xbox Series things go to another level since some games have what is called FPS Boost. Do you want to know what it is? Well basically a way for these games to double their frame rate per second their resolution.

Backward compatibility on Xbox is completely free, if you have the game, you can play it. That easy. If you have it in physical format, a modified version will be downloaded to your console, and if you bought it digitally, you just have to download it again.

Relevant data

  • Backward compatible games: 686.
  • Games with FPS Boost: 98.
  • Xbox One games compatible with Xbox Series: Over 2000 games.
  • Access to the backward compatible guide: Here.
  • Access to the FPS Boost guide: Here.

The backward compatibility program has now ended, so there will be no more games to add to this list except those that arrive on Xbox One.

Xbox Game Pass

It is the Microsoft service that allows you to pay a monthly, annual or quarterly subscription and have access to a huge catalog of launch, backward compatible and third-party games. You can read some interesting information that you should know about the service in this editorial that I prepared recently, but I leave you a checklist of things that may also interest you:

  • There are more than 420 games currently.
  • The games rotate, every so often some leave the service and new ones enter.
  • Games that left can be re-entered at any time.
  • The games that leave the service, have an additional discount of 20% for a time.
  • Xbox Game Studios games always arrive at launch, and never leave the service.
  • You can play them without limit as long as you pay the subscription.

If you have any further questions about Game Pass, I leave you the link to the official website of the subscription so you can see pricing plans and more.

Share games, accounts, and subscriptions

Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S are consoles designed to be able to share with what Microsoft calls “Family Unit.” You can share everything you have paid with another person and for this you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Your account or the one you share must be on both consoles.
  • The account to be shared must be set as “My Home Xbox” on the console to which you will share the games or subscriptions.
  • The sharing account must always be connected to the network.
  • The recipient does not need to log in with the account you share.

In this way you can pay Game Pass together with a family member and both benefit from the subscription with your own profile, achievements … etc. I leave you a video that we made for the channel and on Xbox One, it is something old but the concept is the same and it is explained perfectly.

Apps on Xbox

Microsoft consoles come prepared to run applications that extend functionalities beyond playing games. From watching channels via IP to playing emulators, checking email and much, much more. I leave you a small list of some of them that we have been launching in this house.

More things to keep in mind

  • All Xbox consoles are compatible with Crossplay. Here the updated list.
  • There are more than 90 free games that you can access from here.
  • Xbox Series has SmartDelivery, which basically offers you to buy a single version and play it on all consoles with its corresponding version.
  • Simply by playing, you earn Rewards points that you can redeem for games, subscriptions and more.
  • You can customize your avatar with clothes and accessories.
  • You can create, share and edit video clips and photos on Xbox or social networks.
  • You can map the controllers at will.
  • Xbox has keyboard and mouse support in some games.
  • You can take advantage of offers from stores in other territories, Xbox is region free.

For more information, visit Generation Xbox daily, we will reveal more tricks and details to make the most of your Xbox console.