New trailer published with commented game scenes

Do you fancy a mixture of classic action adventure la Metroid or Castlevania as well as soul-like elements that also incorporate a good portion of platformer? Then this could be something for you from indie studio Retro Forge Games. The announcement from October is now followed by a fresh video showing commented game scenes from the 16-bit pixel art adventure.

This is the official description and feature list of publisher Dear Villagers, who has already attracted attention with titles like ScourgeBringer or Forgotten City:

Outsmart cunning enemies, solve insidious puzzles, upgrade your character and explore every corner of a dazzling, intricate 16-bit world. Souldiers is a hand-made retro epic to last.


  • Choose your class: unleash the fury of your sword with the soldier, conjure the wrath of the elements with the magician or let arrows rain down on your enemies with the archer.
  • Intense fights: Strike, parry and dodge to battle your way through an ever-increasing number of opponents. Upgrade your skills and equipment to find the fighting style that is perfect for you.
  • A networked world: Discover a vast, hand-made landscape full of treasures, tough bosses and mysterious paths.
  • 16-bit sensation: Terragaya comes to life with vibrant, premium pixel art that’s filled to the brim with detail.
  • Smart Moves: Solve puzzles in the area and jump from place to place using an increasing number of moves. “

Souldiers is due to appear for PC and Switch in spring 2022. Last current video: Annotated gameplay trailer