New video shows commented game scenes from the Zelda-inspired action adventure

With XEL, Hamburg-based developers Tiny Roar and publisher Assemble Entertainment have a futuristic action adventure in the style of The Legend of Zelda announced. The spring 2022 was targeted as the publication date. You will not be able to keep this date.

As announced, XEL will now appear on Steam and Switch in the summer of 2022. The versions for consoles from Microsoft and Sony should also be available in 2022 – but definitely only after the PC and switch release. Worth mentioning in this context: Originally only the release on the new generation consoles was mentioned, the title will also appear in the stores on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In line with this, Assemble has released a new video in which commented game scenes give an insight into the game world and its development, which you can find below.

Tiny Roar describes the game as follows: “In XEL, players explore a mysterious and lively world full of puzzles and mysterious dungeons with merciless battles against exotic animals and robots. Inspired by the Zelda series, XEL guides action-adventure fans through an epic and heartwarming story full of fantastic locations and lovable characters, accompanied by an emotional soundtrack by composer Gidon Wolff. XEL is about the amnesia-suffering protagonist Reid, who is shipwrecked on a mysterious world without being able to remember her previous life. The players accompany Reid on her way to to get to the bottom of the mystery of this bizarre world. Explore a picturesque and lively upper world with a detailed environment and challenging dungeons in a classic top-down 3D action-adventure format. During her adventure, Reid meets charming characters and fights his way through Robots flock and make a whole series of weapons, objects and gadgets. “