New World: Update 1.0.1 released

Update 1.0.1 is available on the New World servers (from 39,99€ at pre-order) has been installed. It covers the basics for the upcoming character transfer service (preparations in the in-game shop), performance improvements in “War”, adjustments to AFK detection and general bug fixes.

Developer statement: “Last week we announced that it is our top priority that all players can log in and get started quickly without getting stuck in queues. To achieve this goal, we have more than doubled the number of servers available and expanded server capacity on existing servers. We are also continuing to work on a feature that will allow players to move their characters to different servers. This feature will be available soon. While members of our team work tirelessly to ensure players have a server find that they can make permanent home using the character transfer feature, others of us have been working on some additional updates to make the game more comfortable and bug fixes to ensure that players can play the game and progress as planned as soon as they can they entered Aeternum.


  • We have created the basics for the upcoming character transfer service and implemented it in the game so that you may already be able to see elements of our preparations in the in-game shop. We are still working on finalizing this feature and will provide you with more information on how it will work later this week (when we are ready to release the feature).


  • War turret projectiles that were previously physical projectiles have been modified to use hitscan detection. This should improve performance in war, as fewer objects are spawned in the world.

AFK prevention

  • To ensure that players cannot remain AFK (especially on busy servers), we’ve made the following adjustments to the AFK prevention system.
  • An additional AFK prevention has been added, which ensures that games cannot trick the existing system with the help of simulated mouse movements.
  • The time to the AFK warning has been reduced from 20 to 15 minutes.
  • The disconnection from the server due to AFK has been reduced from 25 to 20 minutes.

World waiting snake

  • We added a confirmation screen that appears when a player tries to exit the queue for a world. The player will then be asked to confirm that they really want to leave the queue. This should ensure that no one accidentally leaves the queue and loses their seat.

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue where the interact button would not work properly on various objects in the world.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the barrel from appearing in the Pirate Stance emote.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not receive any coins as a reward for some activities.
  • Fixed a bug where the fast travel animation was interrupted. As a result, characters could get stuck inside a house.
  • Fixed a bug related to area reputation rewards. Some translations were missing here.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in players being asked multiple times to claim titles for achievements after logging back into the game even though they had already claimed those rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that could freeze the animation of the legs.
  • Fixed game crashes related to New World’s Twitch integration.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to get into a state where most attacks could no longer hit them.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed certain containers of items to be looted indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Discard Event” message would sometimes remain visible even after the player canceled the event.

Bug fixes related to the AI

  • Fixed a bug that caused Pastor Walsh to spawn as an aggressive mob at the Walsham Landmark.
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to spawn more slowly than intended at the Cattail Flood landmark.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Overseer Zane to respawn more slowly than intended on the “What To Prove” quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Master Zindt to have double respawns at the Kannan Tomb landmark.

Bug fixes related to tasks

  • Missing information in the task lists has been added to the recommended task level for players who want to unlock the second faction rank.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting the Blessing of Earth quest would block the main storyline progression after receiving one of the blessings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Azoth Blast quest was not available to players after completing other Wind Circle quests.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Pumpkin of Charity” quest would prevent the player from taking on the “Arruda Jam” quest.
  • A problem has been fixed where the conversation with the tavern operator in “First Light” could lead to a situation in which it was no longer possible to take on new tasks from the tavern operator.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the player being unable to perform the Hunter and Hunted and High Expectations Quests after completing the Thirst for Vengeance quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Curse of the Ebony Hawk quest would prevent the player from taking on the Bond’s Opening quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the “The Expedition to Saircor” quest would prevent the player from performing the “One threat at a time” quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Strength of Earth” quest would prevent the player from performing the “Fading Light” and “Tears of Azure” quests.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Twisted Transformation quest would prevent the player from taking on the Blessings of the Fallen quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the quest “Light and Darkness” prevented the player from performing the quests “Descend into Frost Slumber” and “Iron to Dust”. “

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