Next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online will take players to the High Isle, a previously unseen region

It’s official – the next chapter of Elder Scrolls Online will take players to High Isle, a “paradisiacal island” that is home to the Britons. The expansion will arrive for PC on June 6th, while console players will have to wait until June 21st to explore the mysterious and unprecedented region.

The High Isle chapter will offer the usual set of content we’ve come to expect with ESO updates, including a new region and storyline. This year’s edition will follow the War of the Three Banners and discussions to end the long-running conflict. It will also bring two new Companions – Human, a Khajiit with magical prowess; and Isobel, a Brit who hopes to become a knight.

As for the new region itself, you can expect to see a idyllic landscape which has extensive castles and an ecosystem that is significantly inspired by the localities of the Mediterranean.

Below, check out the trailer released by Bethesda Brasil:

In addition to the standard fare, High Isle will introduce a new playable card game called Tales of Tribute. ZeniMax calls this “unique resource building game complete with PvP and PvE”. The game will have its own leveling system and unlockable rewards.

The Elder Scrolls Online had an impressive showing in 2021, with the Blackwood Chapter bringing legions of fans back to Tamriel for a nostalgic adventure. Companions were undoubtedly the big draw of last year’s expansion, and it will be interesting to see how Ember and Isobel change the way players use the system.

High Isle is available for pre-order on the ESO Store or your console-specific store. The expansion will arrive on June 6 for PC and June 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.