No plans to join Microsoft and Sony’s takeover battles

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that Nintendo currently has no plans to play a part in the takeover battle between Microsoft and Sony. Both tech giants have only recently completed takeover deals. While Microsoft bought the studio Activision Blizzard for almost 70 billion US dollars, Sony acquired the Destiny developer Bungie for 3.6 billion US dollars. Furukawa has a clear vision when it comes to his company: “Our brand is built on products that are passionately created by our employees, and employing a large number of people who don’t have the Nintendo DNA would not be an asset to the company.”

Furukawa only announced in November last year that it plans to invest 100 billion yen (about 760 million euros) in Nintendo’s internal studios. This statement makes it clear that the company would rather strengthen its own structures than buy external know-how. Nonetheless, Shuntaro Furukawa explained that he was not against buying studios in principle. However, he only wants to use it when it is really necessary or makes sense. A good example here is the acquisition of Next Level Games, the developers of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Nintendo remains true to its line – and does not have to hide from the competition. The latest quarterly report shows that 18.95 million Nintendo Switch consoles were sold in the last nine months alone, of which almost 4 million units were the newly released OLED model, which has now extended the lifespan of five years old console to extend. Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, more than 100 million units have been sold in total, surpassing even the Nintendo Wii in sales. And for the coming year, too, the company expects to sell 23 million units. In any case, Nintendo can compete with Sony and Microsoft with these numbers.