Norman Reedus mentions negotiations for a successor

The Director’s Cut of Death Stranding (from 16,95€ at buy), which will be released on September 24th for the PlayStation 5, could not mark the end of the extraordinary “walking simulator” by Hideo Kojima. Because as reports with reference to a post on AdoroCinema, protagonist and walking dead star Norman Reedus chatted about a possible successor to our game of the year 2019.

Accordingly, there are currently negotiations between Kojima Productions and partners as to whether the end-of-time adventure will get a sequel. Reedus, on the other hand, seems to be quite sure, provided the translation of the article written in Portuguese is correct. Accordingly, he is said to have said in a question and answer session about The Walking Dead: “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding. [Death Stranding 2] is currently in negotiations. So … yay! “, so the mime.

Officially, however, there has not yet been any announcement or concrete evidence. Therefore, it is at most rumors. Neither do we know what the next project of Hideo Kojima, who was most recently associated with Microsoft and Xbox, will be. But already in our interview in 2019, the Metal Gear creator made it clear that he can imagine more content and stories in the universe of Death Stranding.

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