Northgard: Kröwns & Daggers: Update expands diplomacy

Shiro Games has another (free) content update for Northgard (from 23,42€ at buy) released on PC. “Kröwns & Daggers” offers more opportunities to deepen the relationships between the clans in the game. You can find the change log here.


  • “The new relationship system for the factions grants more advantages through strong ties, but also carries the risk of losing even more if relationships fail.
  • A new neutral faction will also be introduced, the Dwarves, as well as a special building to improve relationships with neutral factions: the Sacrificial Fountain.
  • The second important aspect of this update is the competition events. They allow the clans to compete against each other in the battle for rewards like the ceremonial flame.
  • The new diplomacy view allows players to spy on other clans in order to gather important information for diplomatic discussions.
  • And last but not least, the new clan leader portraits from the diplomacy view are now visible in the notifications to personalize clan interactions. “

Last actual video: Krowns Daggers Trailer