Now that God of War is officially coming to PC, what other Sony games would you like to see?

Sony has already placed part of its cards on the table. That strategy that Microsoft initiated and which many fans of the blue company made fun of, now comes to Playstation. With an important nuance, to date we are not seeing launch games that are released simultaneously.

The latest to be announced is the latest installment of God of War, which arrives on January 14 on Steam with improved graphics and new technologies to better process images such as NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex. God of War for PC will be released at a price of 44.99 euros.

God of War, Hoziron Zero Dawn, Days Gone and other Sony games on PC

Sony’s strategy is positive, it can take the game to another market once it has been profitable on Playstation consoles. Not better, not worse, different from Microsoft. The Japanese don’t have a Game Pass to keep, so it’s logical that Microsoft wants to make their PC subscription attractive by bringing their releases.

However, now the question is for the user who has a PC sufficiently developed to move these games. What platform exclusive games would you like to see on Steam or the Epic Games Store? The Japanese franchise list is extensive, so you can buy almost anything there.

I leave the comments for you to comment and tell us which ones you would like. If you want my opinion, Ghost of Tsushima, Ratchet & Clank and Spiderman are games that I would like to be able to try.