Now you can play PC games on Xbox with Nvidia GeForce Now

On Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One it is now possible to play PC games through Nvidia GeForce Now, as the system is now compatible with the Microsoft Edge, the new version of the web browser that can also be used directly on consoles.

A few days ago it was announced that support for GeForce Now on Microsoft Edge would be activated, and that’s just what happened now. According to reports by The Verge who also published a kind of video in which Tom Warren explains the platform’s operation through the Xbox X|S Series.

In practice, it’s about starting the service through Edge, which in the new version of Chromium also opens up for these modes of use, as we saw previously also with Google Stadia. Again, this is cloud gaming by streaming games from Nvidia servers.

However, playing games that require the use of a mouse and keyboard it’s not the most ideal experience at the moment, as “the virtual keyboard appears when you click”. Also, latency is apparently not optimal for multiplayer games.

However, it’s an incredible start that still demonstrates how the Xbox Series X|S can open itself up to different types of use, thanks to its powerful Microsoft Edge browser and the most varied cloud gaming service offerings that are emerging.