Obsidian Entertainment : Details about the investigation game “Project Pentiment”

Two other as-yet unannounced projects were revealed by Jez Corden of Windows Central, in this case it’s Repent, which is a new game in development at Obsidian, and Midnight, the new game from Compulsion Games that we discussed earlier today.

In both cases, they are obviously Xbox exclusives, being developed by the in-house teams at Xbox Game Studios, and will therefore be released on Xbox Series X|S and PC, even though there is no release period yet. On the other hand, they are still provisional titles for ongoing projects. Again, these are rumors, but Corden has strong ties to Microsoft and also accompanied his report with concept art, so we tend to believe what is reported.

Repent is the game in development at Obsidian directed by Josh Sawyer and is the fourth project in progress beyond Avowed, Grounded and The Outer Worlds 2 . The game had already been mentioned by Jeff Grubb and receives some more details from Corden, giving more substance to the subject.

Below, the leaked conceptual image:

It’s a game of not very large dimensions, but it represents the realization of a idea cultivated by Sawyer for some time and the characteristics correspond to those previously reported by Grubb: it is a kind of investigative adventure with elements of RPG, in which we play the role of a investigator that solves a murder case in the 16th century Europe.

The game should resemble the Disco Elysium in the general structure, being structured around a narrative, dialogue and branched investigation instead of combat Just a small team of 12 people at Obsidian must work on Project Pentiment, a similar size to the Grounded team. The largest team is with Avowed, and it is worth remembering that Obsidian has more than 200 employees.

The game is scheduled to be released as early as 2022. That’s right, next year.