Obsidian wants to make an exclusive year from 2022, says Insider

Microsoft did a few years ago, as evidenced by the baggage the company has behind it, and it looks like it will continue to retain it for years to come. After going through a series of financial difficulties, the studio has managed to release great games in recent years, and Microsoft’s funding will help achieve one of the great goals they set themselves.

As we could find out thanks to the user @IdleSloth84 we could know what Obsidian wants to do an exclusive one year from 2022. Although this is a complicated goal, considering the recent work of the studio and considering the financial support that the studio will have to carry out its projects, it seems logical to think that it will be something that can be accomplished.

Although the information was shared by Idle Sloth, the information comes from Jez Corden, who has assured that Obsidian wants to make an exclusive one year from 2022, and the first title they would start with that goal would be Grounded.

It must be remembered that the game developed by Obsidian has already been on the market for a few months, but only in Early Access status, so it seems logical that the studio would want it to this be the first game to mark the way than it is to enter their offices.

After that, the next title from the creators of Pilars of Eternity and Fallout New Vegas to hit the market is probably The Outers World 2, the sequel to the RPG that hit the market a few years ago and finally closes with Avowed, to release later new titles that have not yet been announced.