Obsidian would have been amused by negative speculation about Avowed

Avowed is said to be undergoing troubled development, according to Chris Avellone, former founder of Obsidian and author of some of the greatest RPGs in gaming history, who says the project under development for Xbox Series X|S and PC has undergone numerous changes from management.

We don’t exactly know how Avellone is aware of Obsidian’s internal dynamics, having left the company several years ago. Responding to Twitter user “FaZe Tu Sais” who advised him to return to Obsidian to work on Avowed, Avellone replied that “they keep losing key figures in that project, it’s not a good sign”.

Is Obsidian losing employees? Well, as far as we know, no! There are no reports of abandonment by members of Obsidian, so it is unclear whether these changes could involve a rotation of tasks within the company, which we know is involved in several projects simultaneously between Grounded, Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2 and at least one another mysterious RPG yet unannounced under the direction of Josh Sawyer.

For the record, it should also be added that Chris Avellone has a certain history of biting remarks about Obsidian, with whom he seems not to have remained in exactly idyllic relationships, so all this speculation shouldn’t have that much credibility.

About this, Jez Corden of Windows Central said: “Is not true. I heard from people inside the studio that Chris’ comments were greeted with laughter. Then.

Meanwhile, Josh Sawyer argued a few days ago that Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 are already playable, despite the RPG in question being slated for possibly 2023, according to Jeff Grubb. Phil Spencer has long seen it as potentially Obsidian’s best game.