Oculus Quest 2: Birthday sale started with numerous well-known titles

For the first birthday of its independent VR system Oculus Quest 2, Facebook would like to make it easier for interested gamers to get a taste of popular titles. The anniversary pack includes, for example, the survival shooter The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the gladiator slaughter GORN, the boxing game sweat driver The Thrill of the Fight and the tabletop role-playing game Demeo (together € 63.37 instead of € 99.96).

Reduced single highlights (-20% to -46%) are for example the psychedelically staged puzzle game Tetris Effect: Connected (16.12 €), the no less colorful music game Synth Riders (17.49 €), the engaging multiplayer duels from Blaston (€ 6.99), the cute action adventure Moss (€ 20.99), Crytek’s graphically impressive climbing game The Climb 2 (€ 23.99), the roguelike carnage In Death: Unchained (€ 20.99) and Until You Fall (€ 16.90), the multiplayer shooter Contractors (€ 13.99), the Schleich adventure Jurassic World Aftermath (part 1 for € 16.90) and the hand-tracking puzzle game Hand Physics Lab (€ 7.99) €).

Interested parties should hurry, as the offers are only active until Sunday, October 17th, 8:59 pm.

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