Only a third of the games in development by Xbox Game Studios would have been announced

The Xbox Games Studios teams would have many other games in development besides the ones we know, considering that according to an estimate considered “prudent” by the journalist Jez Corden, Where conservative, let’s say rounded down, just about a third of the projects under development by Microsoft’s first party has been announced so far.

That’s what Jez Corden reported on The Xbox Two podcast, hosted by Corden and Rand on Thor. It also seems that this estimate does not include Bethesda games., considering that it is limited to the publishing section of Xbox Game Studios, with the roadmap prior to the definitive acquisition of Bethesda.

The Windows Central reporter also said that, in the coming weeks, it will publish a article about Avowed and the information he was able to gather about the new RPG in development on Obsidian through his sources.

Obviously, we can’t take this as official news, it’s just a hoax, but it must be said that Corden has demonstrated that he has convincing connections to Microsoft and beyond.

These may be some of the unannounced games as well collected on Reddit based on rumors that have surfaced so far: two titles by Mojang, a new Obsidian game by Josh Sawyer, Gears 6 and a new game by The Coalition, new IPs by Double Fine and Compulsion, Project Cobalt by inXile, Project Indus by Oxide, Project Dragon by IO Interactive, a possible MMO mentioned by Jeff Grubb and several others.

Ahead of Bethesda are id Software’s new games (perhaps a Quake reboot), possibly Machine Games’ Wolfenstein, the new project in development at Tango Gameworks, and perhaps a project in collaboration with Tencent, in addition to the games already announced.