Party beater gets balance adjustments for the last time

In the popular Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the fighting mechanics are being screwed for the last time. Nintendo announced this when the update version 13.0.1 was launched, as did the colleagues from VGC with a reference to the official Japanese Twitter feed to note. According to this, the balance adjustments should be completed. Should there be further updates after this, these will probably only relate to bug fixes.

The reason for this is probably the addition of the last DLC character (Sora from Kingdom Hearts) in October: This officially ended Nintendo’s DLC plan: eleven new characters were added to the game in almost three years. Further new additions are not planned.

The new update contains several corrections and changes to the game balance. For the final DLC fighter Sora, for example, the length of its animations has been adjusted so that it is aligned with the other fighters. Another highlight is the support for the Metroid-Dread-amiibo from Samus and EMMI. All other changes from the update can be read here.

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