Patch to fix Diablo III issues on Xbox Series X coming soon

Blizzard didn’t have its best moment in 2021, but that situation may be slowly improving now that Microsoft has added them to its fleet of development studios at Xbox Game Studios. Although the purchase has not yet been completed to have a voice in decisions, Redmond may already be exerting pressure.

Which can also accelerate the development of games that may be exclusive in the future, such as Diablo IV. While we wait for news of these projects, to this day we still have games from the company like Diablo III, which continue to be updated quite regularly.

Despite this title having managed to reach 4K on consoles like the Xbox One X, it seems they are having trouble doing the same on the new generation, specifically on the Xbox One X. Xbox Series X, since the game is generated at a resolution of 1080p for retrofitting the Xbox One S backwards compatible version.

At first everything seemed to be resolved with Diablo III, but this is not true, although Adam Fletcher, one of the saga’s developers, assures that it isan update will be released soon finally will fix the resolution problem from the game no Xbox Series X, although it is not specified when exactly this will happen, it should happen before the end of season 25.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for this big update for Diablo III on Xbox Series X and hope we don’t have to wait too long.