Patent indicates extended backward compatibility

That most PS4 games can be played on the PlayStation 5 (from 888,00 at buy) running is no secret. However, if you want to play older classics from the previous PlayStation consoles on the next-gen platform from Sony, this is unfortunately not possible so far. But that could change in the foreseeable future if you believe the rumors that are currently circulating.

A recent report from Twitter user “Shaun” gives rise to speculation of this kind. He recently spoke up to report on an interesting find. According to this, he was able to open a patent from Sony, which systems architect Mark Cerny had registered. This could indicate a possible downward compatibility of the PS5 – or at least the basis for it. The corresponding passage of the patent speaks of a “Backward Compatibility Through Use Of Spoof Clock And Fine Grain Frequency Control”. To put it simply, it is a software-based solution to allow older programs to run on up-to-date hardware.

However, a statement or even confirmation from Sony Interactive on this subject is still pending. Therefore one should enjoy the whole thing with a certain amount of caution for the time being.