PC and mobile offshoot of the successful series is discontinued

Forza development studio Turn 10 has announced that it will soon be ending operations for the PC and mobile racing game Forza Street. Forza Street, originally released in 2018 under the name Miami Street, was released in 2019 for Windows and mobile devices as a stripped down free-2-play racer. The racing game was aimed at players who do not have the high-end hardware that is normally required for Forza games on the PC. Now, three years after publication, the title is to be discontinued.

The news broke via Turn 10 Studios’ developer blog, in which Principal Design Director Andy Beaudoin thanked fans and explained: “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to end Forza Street as the team shifts its focus to new and exciting Forza experiences. We understand that this is sad news for our players, but we want to take advantage of this time, to extend our gratitude to everyone who has been with us on our first journey into the mobile world.”

An exact date for the game to be discontinued has not yet been announced. What is certain, however, is that Forza Street is currently still playable. Turn 10 released the last update on January 10, 2022, thereby disabling the in-app store at the same time. The update also added a brand new car, faster energy charges and shorter waiting times at car shows. All items that can be purchased with in-game currency have had their prices reduced. Players who purchased this currency in the last 30 days will receive a refund. Anyone who has anything left in the game should spend it until the shutdown, otherwise the rest will be forfeited.

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