PC Game Pass: Strategy Games Matter to Microsoft, They Want More

Microsoft said strategy games are an important part of the PC Game Pass and the goal is to have more games on the service. The information comes from an interview given by Matt Percy – general manager – to PCGamesN.

It is explained that strategy games accounted for about 15% of launch titles on the service now known as PC Game Pass to better differentiate it from the “Xbox Game Pass”. Imperator: Rome was one of the top names in the genre on the service. Now there are 40+ strategy games and Percy couldn’t be happier. “Strategy games have become some of the most popular titles in our portfolio,” he tells us. “They’re consistently on the Top 10 most played games every month.”

“Our goal with the Game Pass has always been to give players more options,” explains Percy. “And also give creators more choice. We think we’re having a very positive effect on the PC strategy genre because the developers are making it more accessible to people.”

Percy also shared other stats that confirm the success of PC Game Pass. After joining the Game Pass, people play 20% more games outside the service, as well as experience 30% more genres. “It’s crazy for someone to come in to play Halo and find that what they’ve always loved is Darkest Dungeon,” Percy explains.

Total War: Warhammer III will be the next big strategy game to hit the PC Game Pass. Upon release, Victoria 3 will also be included. In August, Humankind was released as a Game Pass game from launch day, and Slitherine recently added Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector to the service – and the list continues to grow. Of course, we can’t forget Age of Empires IV.