PC version breaks two records on Steam

The PC version of God of War (from 15,29€ at buy) was released on January 14, 2022. But even this short time was enough to set several records on Steam. Quite apart from the fact that the action game was able to storm straight into first place in the sales charts.

As can be seen from the latest statistics from Steamdb.info, the PC version of God of War had more than 73,000 simultaneous players at its peak. The previous peak was reached yesterday, Sunday, around 4:00 p.m. German time with exactly 73,529 users. At the same time, this means a new record: no PC version from Sony has hitherto been able to show a higher value. The port of the action-adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn brought it to just over 56,000 active players at the same time. At Days Gone it was “only” 27,450. However, there are no concrete sales figures for the PC version yet.

But there is even another record to report: God of War has the highest user rating of a Sony game on Steam to date. It currently has 97 percent positive reviews, putting it well ahead of the in-house competition. With Days Gone it is 93 percent, Horizon: Zero Dawn comes to 84 percent, also due to the technically suboptimal implementation at the start.

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