Pentiment: Obsidian Is Looking For A Unity 2D Animator For Josh Sawyer’s Game

Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Pillars of Eternity, as well as countless other titles, is looking for a 2D animator in Unity, likely to work on Repent, the codename that hides the Josh Sawyer’s new game. He himself shared the ad, making it clear that he was directly interested in the professional figure in question.

The chosen one will have to create 2D animations for stylized characters, create characters in Unity using Spine software, debug animation issues in the engine, and work with other developers to create a pipeline that leads to quality in-game animations.

The ad itself doesn’t make us understand much of what awaits us in Pentiment. The fact that it uses Unity, not the Unreal Engine like other Obsidian titles like Avowed and possibly The Outer Worlds, and the fact that it’s 2D suggests that it could be a Pillars of Eternity-style RPG, but the end result could be completely different.

We believe here that it is a confirmation of what Jez Corden has been saying when leaking this game. Rumors want Pentiment to be a investigative RPG, in the middle ages and would be something in the style of the highly acclaimed Disco Elysium, but there are no official details about it. In reality, all we know is that Sawyer is working on a new game.

It is still believed that this game could be released in 2022, but this is something that is to be confirmed or not in the coming months. We don’t even know yet if Obsidian Entertainment will announce it this year. We have a mystery, but we’ll keep an eye out.