Phasmophobia: horror game gets a Christmas update

In October of this year, the horror game Phasmophobia received a seasonally appropriate Halloween update with a new level of difficulty, fresh ghost types and a few general changes and improvements.

With Christmas just around the corner, of course, it’s the perfect time to announce another holiday update. A Christmas update card was created a few days ago on Phasmophobia’s publicly accessible Trello page, which now contains a few new entries with content that players can look forward to.

Accordingly, there will be a new voodoo doll and a summoning group, and the Ouija board will also receive a few new questions. Two more cursed items will come into play with the update, but these are still under lock and key. What exactly the voodoo doll and the summoning circle will do is also not yet known, but the latter will probably summon the ghost in some way if you don’t want to wait too long for ghost activities.

The developers have not yet announced an exact release date, but with the name Christmas update it will not be long before players can try out the new content.

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