Phil Spencer celebrates Nintendo GameCube birthday by sharing his favorite GC game

Phil Spencer, líder do Xbox.

Nintendo fans were shocked to realize that the GameCube is already 20 years old. We’ll soon be in the same boat with the original Xbox birthday fast approaching in November! To celebrate the milestone, fans shared their favorite GC titles, including Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, who revealed that his favorite game on this console is Eternal Darkness.

The Gaming Twitter account asked the community to include their favorite Nintendo GameCube title in the comments. Spencer went straight there, revealing that he is a man of good taste with the fantastic Eternal Darkness. It’s wonderful to see him break out of the standard taste and come up with a completely unique title.

Eternal Darkness has become beloved by fans over the years and remains exclusive to Nintendo today. Many praised its sanity effects, which used the very unique choice system to scare the player.

In a thread that seems to consist a lot of Super Smash Bros., it’s refreshing to see a more specific title among the Xbox boss’ selection. Now, who knows if we won’t see an Eternal Darkness Remake…

What is your favorite Nintendo GameCube title? Let us know in the comments below.