Phil Spencer is speechless for Xbox Game Pass Lost Words

Phil Spencer, Xbox division leader.

Indie titles are hitting the Xbox Game Pass every week at the moment, but there is one that seems to be constantly catching the Xbox boss’s attention, Phil Spencer, and this is Lost Words: Beyond the Page. The boss is totally excited about this game.

Spencer’s love of the game began in April, when he described it as a “really special game” with one “Fantastic atmosphere, writing and mechanics”. That’s a great powerful compliment!

“I’m playing this game and it’s really a special game. Fantastic atmosphere, writing and mechanics. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend it.”

This continued when the game was announced for Xbox Game Pass earlier this month, which led Spencer to highlight it, claiming it is a “very creative and unique game” and that he was “looking forward to more people playing it”.

“A very creative and unique game. I look forward to more people being able to play.”

“I play a very touching game with a really creative point of view. Thank you for partnering on #XboxGamePass.”

Now Spencer is still broadcasting the game, but seems to be speechless. Apparently with no way to compliment him, Spencer simply started uploading a screenshot of the game with generic hashtags.

Sometimes actions can be louder than words and seeing Spencer devote so much time and praise to Lost Words: Beyond the Page this year says a lot. Having joined the Xbox Game Pass this month, maybe it’s a sign that we should abandon what we’re playing and really try.

The Microsoft Store description says that you’ll spend your time inside “a young girl’s diary to solve puzzles, tackle unique platform segments and discover an emotional tale set in the vibrant world of Estoria”. It sounds very charming and, judging by Spencer’s praise, it’s a game we probably shouldn’t miss.

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