Phil Spencer Reveals Why Xbox Acquired Activision Blizzard

Phil Spencer, líder do Xbox.

The news that opened 2022 with a bomb you know what it was: Activision Blizzard will become one of the studios in the Xbox ecosystem. A billion-dollar deal that comes at a most turbulent time for the house of Call of Duty, which has now found a second chance really to redeem itself with its employees.

We still have some questions like the fate of Bobby Kotick, the controversial CEO of Activision Blizzard, whose future after the acquisition is still unclear. Everything at this point is something historic for Microsoft, and that just in these last few hours the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is explaining to the press around the world.

An economic maneuver with irrational numbers, which brings Activision Blizzard inside Microsoft. But what is Xbox going to do with all the company’s IPs?

Gamingbolt reports an interesting excerpt from the interview Spencer and Kotick gave to CNBC, aiming to reveal more details about this studio acquisition. What is the long-term purpose of this acquisition? In addition to the numerous franchises owned by Activision Blizzard, especially the mobile market:

“The truth is that the biggest gaming platform on the planet is the mobile devices out there, the distribution of that content, the control of these devices. It is controlled by two companies [Google e Apple]. So look at companies like Microsoft, and we bring together content and our intellectual property, with the mobile delivery capabilities that we don’t have. This is our opportunity to fight and compete on the biggest platform on the planet, which is vitally important to us.”

It seems that Xbox wants to make a triumphant entry into the world of mobile gaming, taking advantage of the many IPs owned by King, an Activision Blizzard company.

King that is part of the Microsoft acquisition is a mobile giant and because of that the company wants to expand Xbox Game Pass through Xbox Cloud Gaming with your help. While some think this purchase is to fight the Playstation, many still need to understand that Microsoft wants something bigger, and the mobile gaming market is highly profitable and the time has come for Xbox to want its share.

In addition, Activision has a number of IPs, including the highly-selling game Call of Duty, but also several successful PC games that could be very worthy of PC Game Pass. If you look at it, in strictly economic terms, it was a really good buy.