Phil Spencer says Psychonauts 2 is probably game of the year in 2021

It’s that time of year when we start to see nominations for Game of the Year, alias GOTY, popping up everywhere. Xbox Game Studios has performed well so far – getting all sorts of nominations from different ceremonies. It was the publisher with the most nominations!

And as for the Xbox boss, Phil Spencer? What’s your best game of the year? In an appearance in Major Nelson’s 20th birthday special video, Phil admitted he was “probably” Psychonauts 2 da Double Fine.

frankly for me [Psychonauts 2] is probably my game of the year – simply [um] fantastic game … in my opinion, as a Double Fine fan, [é] the best game they’ve ever released.”

In fact, Phil has a great history with the original game, which explains why he’s a huge fan of the sequel.

“Before the release of Psychonauts 2, I went through backwards compatibility and played the original Psychonauts again, just reliving those moments – I was very impressed with the way it resisted.”

It’s great to see a game like Psychonauts 2 receive so much praise from the Xbox boss, when all too often these types of titles can get lost amidst so many box office hits this time of year.

More recently, the same title was also awarded ‘Xbox Game of the Year’ in 2021 by the Golden Joystick Awards. Personally, I really agree with Phil Spencer, although I think Grim Fandango is even better, but he and Forza Horizon 5 were really spectacular.

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