Phil Spencer shares great Halo Infinite photo and fans give tips on how to get them off

Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, was playing Halo Infinite for the last few days and shared a great image that you can see below. The good news is that a fan taught the “trick” to make the screenshot look even better and that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you here.

Remembering that Halo Infinite was heavily criticized for its graphics which led to a one-year delay for such improvements, in the end we had a decent and very beautiful game. However, we can always improve on that and now we have a little help from the almighty Phil Spencer.

The tip is simple to take great pictures in Halo Infinite: go to the game settings and disable the HUD and that way, according to the folks at Twitter, you’ll have cleaner images. Remembering that this is just for taking pictures, you can leave this option activated while playing.

Spencer’s image really did look beautiful and we’ve definitely seen several screenshots collected by interesting fans on social media. What did you think of this suggestion?