Phil Spencer: Xbox won’t make a virtual reality headset any time soon

The Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, made several comments about his lack of interest on entering the hardware space of VR in the past, and if you expected him to change his mind, we’ll have to tell you he’s still of the same opinion.

Spencer mentioned during WSJ Tech Live earlier this week that the Xbox team is a “big believer” in virtual reality, but Xbox is planning to “remain a company now in the software-focused consumer space“. Thus, he believes in virtual reality, but prefers to focus the Xbox on “software”, ie, investing in game development.

Here’s a little bit of what he had to say (via Video Games Chronicle):

“We really believe in this software platform and the devices that will enable this. Absolutely. [Mas] we are fplaced much more on the software side of that now. When I think about immersive worlds and connecting a player to the community, this is something that is at the top of our investment list. “

“I think the hardware innovation that’s happening is great and an important enabler, [mas] now I’m deciding to stay more on the software side of this enablement. I believe it will have a scale better in the long run.

“And you know, I applaud what Sony is doing, I applaud what Oculus is doing, what Valve has done. I mean, there are a lot of good players out there who have done an amazing job of VR… But yeah, let’s continue as a company now in the software-focused consumer space, and I think it’s a good bet. ”

In July, Spencer told Kinda Funny Gamescast that he felt the best example of a virtual reality experience now belonged to Oculus Quest 2, and he wouldn’t want to sell the Xbox audience a virtual reality device that requires a cable.

He also mentioned that one potential for VR in the Xbox space was looking at “how could we bring content to a screen like this” and “do we think the games we currently have that we can run on our platform would work there? “

Ultimately, it looks like Xbox is interested in playing with virtual reality, but don’t expect a headset so soon, investments should be more focused on purchase of studios and cloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming).

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