Players are venting their frustrations in EA Support

Battlefield 2042 (from 32,99€ at buy) was a complete disaster for Dice and EA. Having already lost most of its players shortly after its release in November last year, the future of the game is uncertain. Due to a lack of communication between the community and developers and after rumors that even the thought of making Battlefield 2042 a free-to-play title (we reported) is being played with, some players have finally burst their hat cord.

A now-deleted thread on Reddit shows a screenshot of a player expressing frustration to EA tech support. These people can do absolutely nothing for the state of the game. You are solely responsible for fixing refunds and technical issues. Accordingly, the employee reacted carelessly: instead of ignoring the provocation, he responded to it.

Only one minor patch has come out for Battlefield 2042 so far this year, along with the promise of a major update this month. According to rumors, the first season should not start until March. On the other hand, there were reports last week that Dice is not currently working on a Star Wars Battlefront 3. This gives hope that they will want to focus their resources on Battlefield 2042 to somehow repair the total loss.