Playstation Network in Fall: Problems with PS4 and PS5 Online Service?

PlayStation Network seems to have problems at these times, given the reports presented on the internet and reports from some websites, but also simply by consulting the official page on the status of the PSN.

We don’t know exactly what the ongoing issues are or the extent of them, but looking at the official PSN status page for PS4 and PS5, it’s clear that there is something wrong at the general level. However, these are likely partial and temporary issues that should be resolved soon.

According to some sources, a maintenance intervention seems to be underway for the PS4 and PS5 online service, so it should be resolved soon, waiting for more information from Sony on the matter, if necessary.

The reports of inefficiencies surfaced around 15:30, looking at the official page it seems that the problems couldaffect practically all areas of the PSN: account management, games and social networks, PlayStation Not, PlayStation Video and PlayStation Store.

In all cases, the various sections have a red dot, indicating that “some services have issues”, but the details are still very vague. According to the indications, there may be problems logging in, starting games or accessing various services online, waiting to learn more.

In the meantime, let’s hope that Sony finds a solution to this problem and that it doesn’t take long for it to be resolved.