PlayStation: The developers themselves have bothered Sony for breaking the exclusivity of games

Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games

PlayStation’s decision to enter the world of Windows PC and break the exclusivity of its games took a lot of people by surprise. We are seeing more and more games lose the “Playstation only” seal that Sony has so bragged about. Why has all this changed?

One of the first titles to usher in this trend was Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the PlayStation 4 exclusives, coming to PC. Among the most recent, however, is God of War, which arrived after months of rumors and rumors with a port that highlights its strengths.

There are already many PlayStation games on PC. In addition to those mentioned, we find Days Gone, Death Stranding and Uncharted 4 soon to be released. Everyone also hopes that, for example, Ghost of Tsushima will soon join this catalog, even if there is no information about it.

How did this come to light? Who decided, and when, to open the gates and let PlayStation exclusives go anywhere? Cory Balrog tells it again, in an interview with Game Informer.

The process that led to the green light of the mentioned ports was very simple, but surreal: PlayStation Studios Annoyed Sony so they could publish their games on the PC.

“I think it was the studio collective that said it was a good idea. Eventually, we reached a point of no return. When we sent so many suggestions, they came to a situation like, “I’m tired of hearing all this. Well, we do.” “

According to Balrog, Sony succumbed to pressure from its studios first party. A process that, inevitably, at first surprised gamers, especially PlayStation fans, who did not react in the best way, but will have to accept it since apparently it is a path of no return.