Portal 2 is the first title to be Verified for Steam Deck

In order to ensure that the games available via Steam also run on the in-house handheld PC platform Steam Deck, Valve has started a large-scale quality assurance program. Each title available through the online sales platform is checked on the hardware and classified into one of four compatibility categories.

The highest rating is “Verified”. This means that the title can be started and played directly. All games marked as “playable” may have to be adjusted manually by the player, for example by configuring the controller. “Not Supported” is pretty much self-explanatory: the game is currently not running on the Steam Deck. And all titles marked “Unknown” have not yet been tested for compatibility or are currently being tested.

Four categories are decisive for the classification:

The title has full controller support, uses correct glyphs for controller input, and automatically opens the on-screen keyboard when needed.

The game should support the default Steam Deck resolution (1280×800 or 1280×720), have working default settings, and the texts should be readable.

The title should not show any compatibility warnings, and the launcher, if present, should work with a controller.

If the game runs on Proton, it should be supported by Proton along with all the associated middleware. This includes anti-cheat support.

The first title that a Reddit user (via Gamesradar) noticed in the Steam database was Portal 2, published in April 2011 with the current verification. “Steam Deck Compatibility” was added to Valve’s own game just a few days ago. This is also a clear signal to the players that the repeatedly postponed delivery of the hardware should begin at the end of February (we reported).

Latest updated video: Introducing Deck Verified